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Apr 6, 2019


Welcome to the Legion of Six by Fonda Lee.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword by Fonda Lee.  #superhero #fantasy #fiction #podcast #team


This young whippersnapper's name is Trevor Dutch.  Dutch is tall, blond, and chiseled like one of those Greek statues of Hercules that you see in museums.  He saunters into the conference room overlooking the Threat Chamber in the world headquarters of the Legion of Six (which is, for the moment, floating above Brooklyn on an anti-gravity field powered by the Continuum Stone) as if he's done it a hundred times before.


Fonda Lee is the World Fantasy Award-winning author of the Green Bone Saga, beginning with Jade City (Orbit).  She is also the author of the acclaimed young adult science fiction novels Zeroboxer (Flux), Exo and Cross Fire (Scholastic).  Fonda's work has been nominated for the Nebula, Andre Norton, and Locus Awards, and been named to Best of Year lists by NPR, Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, and Syfy Wire.  Fonda is a recovering corporate strategist, black belt martial artist, and action movie aficionado residing in Portland, Oregon.  You can find Fonda online at and on Twitter @fondajlee.


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