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Dec 6, 2019

Eternity Plus Package, 89.99/Month by Michael Milne. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by Michael Milne. #Sci-fi #digital #afterlife #fiction 

Grace consulted a scanned photograph of herself, one from years before her death, adjusting her visual settings like a painter taking in a foggy landscape. Once, she had spent hours giggling and manipulating the facial sliders like discs on an abacus, blowing her nose and her eyes and her ears to absurd proportions. For a week she had proudly roamed the grounds of Elysium Estates with a two-foot narwhal tooth breaching from the creaseless sea of her forehead.

But she knew what her daughter wanted, and this show was for her.

Michael Milne is a writer and teacher originally from Canada. He sits in coffee shops all around the world, trying the patience of baristas and writing about spaceship ghosts. Find him online at: or on Twitter @ironcardigan.

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