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Dec 15, 2020

Bear Day by Kathryn LePage. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword recorded by Kathryn LePage.  #fantasy #bears #humor #holiday

Bunny grasped her stick apprehensively in one hand and reached for her dye packet with the other. While shed been readying herself, she hadnt been paying attention to the sounds outside the cave. Suddenly she heard a rhythmic dragging sound come up to the mouth of the cave. There was no way she could afford to look away from a potentially angry bear to see what it was. Then the bear heard it, and looked up, growling.

With the bear looking over her shoulder, and not directly at her, Bunny felt safe enough to risk a glance as well. The boy with the log stood there, staring with an open mouth for a split second while he took in a deep breath. Please dont, Bunny thought desperately. Dont yell.

Hey, guys! She found a bear! Get over here, she found a bear! Guys! Bear!!”


Kathryn LePage lives in Portland with her two cats.  She builds worlds just to see who shows up, and is trying to pioneer a new genre:cozy fantasy.  She currently has stories set in two different worlds with varying amounts of magic, and several more stories impatiently waiting to be written.  Her work has been published in “Places Like Home”. Find her at


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