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Dec 30, 2020

Dreams of Mars and Amber by M.V. Melcer. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. Featuring an afterword written by M.V. Melcer.  #scifi #immortality #podcast #fiction


I glare at the signature on the research file as if my scowl could erase its existence.

My own ID code from one hundred and twenty years ago. How could I have forgotten? My brilliant new idea, the breakthrough that could lead to large-scale Martian agriculture--tested and disproved, nearly a century ago. By me.

I lean back, my right hand rubbing the corner of my eye, while the left scrunches the flexi with the research notes. I was going to change the world, lead humanity to Mars and on to the stars. Instead, I'm a fly in a maze, flying in circles, chasing the ghosts of my own thoughts.


MV is a fiction writer and a filmmaker, with primary interest in science fiction. Born in Poland, MV has lived in the USA, the Netherlands and Belgium before settling in the United Kingdom. When not writing, she is working on a degree in astronomy and planetary sciences. You can find her at


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