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May 5, 2021

What More Could You Want by Alexandra Grunberg. Narrated by Marie Andrascik. Hosted by J.S. Arquin.  #Fantasy #Family #Growingpains 

Valerie and Gillian knew their daughter Bernadette was impressionable. When Valerie would go to parent-teacher conferences, she knew that the teacher’s report on Bernadette’s behavior would depend entirely on which of her school friends she was idolizing that year. There was the terrible first grade, made more terrible because they did not know the phase would last less than a year, when Bernadette mimicked every adult, threw tantrums if she did not get exactly two chocolate biscuits with each meal, and would shout back at the characters on the television. But then summer vacation came, and Minnie, the other terror of the first grade, switched schools and took the bad habits she shared with Bernadette with her. 


Alexandra Grunberg is a Glasgow based author, poet, and screenwriter. Her fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Cast of Wonders, Flash Fiction Online, and more. She is the resident screenwriter for Magic Dog Productions. She is a postgraduate student in the DFA in Creative Writing programme at the University of Glasgow. Her story “Not My First Choice” was previously performed on Overcast 96. Find her on Twitter @alexgrunberg and at 


As a teacher I used podcasts as lessons for my students and taught a unit where they created a class podcast. I’ve been enthralled with recording from the moment I saved enough money to buy my first recording device - a cassette recorder! My Dad gave me the last $20.00 I needed, and I couldn’t wait to have it in my hands.  Friends and I recorded stories and plays for fun.  When I’m not busy recording audiobooks, my husband and I love traveling. I’m passionate about exercising daily, including hula hooping, tap, and I scavenge the beach for seaglass. 




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