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Jul 13, 2021

Headspace by Beth Cato. Narrated by Steve Quinn. Hosted by J.S. Arquin.

#SciFi #cats


The creature entered the light.

"Damn," Akiko muttered.

The ginger kitten had an odd, ambling gait that showed the sharp jut of its hips. God, the thing was half dead, and way too small. A runt, maybe, or just plain wasting away. Its mouth opened in a silent meow. A stubby tail stood upright as a flagpole.

"Hey," she crooned, holding out a gloved hand. Before even reaching her, the critter began to purr. A trusting thing, then. Socialized. "How the hell did you get up here? That hop was too short for you to be born aboard. How did you escape? Did someone try to steal you, strip your ID, stuff you up here?" Damn, she'd need to check those quarters. There had to be some kind of break in the grate.



Nebula-nominated Beth Cato is the author of the Clockwork Dagger duology and the Blood of Earth trilogy from Harper Voyager. She’s a Hanford, California native transplanted to the Arizona desert, where she lives with her husband, son, and requisite cats. Follow her at and on Twitter at @BethCato.



Steve Quinn is an audiobook narrator and voice actor living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Texas (yee-haw I guess) he moved to the big city to pursue comedy- performing in countless sketch, improv and stand-up shows. His joke about almond butter got him noticed by a casting director who said he had the face for voice over. After voicing dozens of commercials and cartoons his love of storytelling led him to full time audiobook narration and you may find his titles on Audible, Amazon & ITunes. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his lovely girlfriend Sarah, their 7-month-old daughter Ciara (pronounced Key-Ruh) and Lou the cat whom he found inspiration from to tell this story. Find him at or follow him on Instagram: @juststevequinn for endless pictures of his cute baby.


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