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Aug 28, 2021

How Far Away the Stars by Sam Muller. Narrated by Joel Simler. Hosted by J.S. Arquin.  #fantasy #knights #dragons 


Captain Kollz clears his throat. The sound is somehow elegant, like everything else about him.

“You don’t say here how many dragons you have killed.”

“I haven’t killed any, Captain Kollz, sir.” A whisper is all my flaming throat can manage.

The captain clucks, like a well-bred hen. “Young man, this is the most prestigious military academy in the realm, the only place where an ordinary boy can transform himself into an extraordinary knight. Killing a dragon is mandatory for enrollment.”

It’s the chick and egg thing. I can’t kill a dragon without proper military training. I can’t get proper military training without killing a dragon.



Sam Muller loves dogs and books and spends much time trying to save one from the other. She lives inside her head most of the time, roaming the worlds of her own creation.


Who would’ve thought that the kid who attended remedial reading classes would end up reading books for a living? It’s true, as a child he was sent by his teacher to a remedial reading class - but given time, he soon became that kid constantly getting in trouble in class for reading, instead of listening to his teachers.

Joel Simler is an audiobook narrator born and raised in the Pacific Northwest - truly the best place to narrate as he can happily hunker down in his padded closet… err… his acoustically treated recording booth for those excessively rainy days.

Reach out to him anytime; with his multitude of hobbies you are bound to have something in common with him!


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