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Sep 2, 2017

And Here's Satan With The Weather by Brandon McNulty.  Featuring an afterword recorded by Brandon McNulty.  Read by J.S. Arquin  #satan #comedy #horror #media #fantasy #flashfiction #flashfictionmonth

The rest of the HON6 news station doesn't share my excitement over today's hundred-and-thirty degree high.  Maybe it has something to do with our busted A/C unit, but...

Brandon McNulty writes from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania.  He dabbles mostly in horror.  Occasionally he tries to write something sunny, but it always ends up veering hard into darkness.His work has appeared in, Sci Phi Journal, and Digital Horror Fiction.  He is a 2015 graduate if Taos Toolbox Sci-Fi/Fantasy Workshop.  Find him online at

And on Twitter @McNultyFiction.


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Pete O'malley
almost five years ago

This dialogue, in these times will travel far. Bravo Mr. McNulty, excellent work.