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Oct 24, 2017

Post Trauma Robotics by Mary Renzi.  Read by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword recorded by Mary Renzi.  #SciFi #Trauma #sciencefiction #podcast #fiction

"The organic decays," she'd say, studying her tired reflection in a car window or display case.  "Metal is closer to the eternal, to the divine.  Steel joists, struts, skyscrapers - think of their beauty!  The wings of bats should be flexible alloy, one carbon layer thick.  They should wrap their bodies and hang from trees like sleeping golden statues.  Bodhisattvas would be wiser if their veins channeled molten ore..."

Mary Renzi's fiction has appeared in Hypnos, Pantheon, Space Squid, and tons of other places.  You can read some of her nonfiction on occult topics over at Dirge Magazine - .

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