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Apr 5, 2018

The Overcast turns three years old with episode 78!  

Featuring Heartwood by L. Chan.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  With an afterword written by L. Chan.  #fantasy #sorcery #magic #fiction #podcast


Star-bright diamonds for eyes, crushed ruby dust for lips, beaded onyx, obsidian, and opal in strands for her hair.  He raided his treasury, pried inset pried inset stones from goblets, crowns, and jewelry alike to adorn his beloved.  When he was done, he parted her breastbone with a chisel and left the heartwood fruit within.

"My lord," she said.  Her voice held the rough edge of granite crypts and the cool of marble tombstones.  She took in her surroundings with glittering eyes.  "The Mansion is not as I remembered it, and neither am I."


L.Chan hails from Singapore, where he alternates being walked by his dog and writing speculative fiction after work.  His work has appeared in places like Liminal Stories, Arsenika, Podcastle, and the Dark.   He tweets occasionally @lchanwrites.


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