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Jul 6, 2018

Her Silver Chains by Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  #Fantasy #Werewolves #Podcast #Fiction #Flashfiction


"Eva, go and feed your sister."

I adore my sister when she is herself, but I tremble at my father's words.  I go on stitching a button to my rag doll and pretend not to hear him.  The scrape of his whetstone on the wood ax ceases.

He is wondering, I know, how much longer until my time comes.


Jeremy A. TeGrotenhuis is a writer from Eastern Washington State, where he grew up playing make-believe in the same desert that houses the most polluted nuclear waste site in America.  He won first place in Writers of the Future for 1st Quarter 2017 and has a B.A. in History and Philosophy from Whitworth University, where he is currently pursuing a Master's in Teaching.  His fiction has previously appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine and in various anthologies, including Weird Sisters: Lilac City Fairy Tales Volume 3 from Scablands Books and Pirates & Ghosts from Flame Tree Publishing.


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