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Feb 3, 2019

Singing at the Great Wall of the Ocean by Chris Kuriata.  Narrated by J.S. Arquin.  Featuring an afterword recorded by Chris Kuriata.  #fantasy #fiction #ocean #song


"Heavy blocks, enough to build a thousand pyramids, stretched in either direction until disappearing into the horizon.  Local history contained a dozen sad stories about boats sailing along the edge of the wall, looking for gaps, but any discoveries remained secret.  Only broken sails and hollow bones floated home from these failed explorations."


Chris Kuriata lives in (and often writes about) the Niagara Region.  His short stories about home-invading bears, whale-hunting-clowns, and time-traveling kittens have appeared in many fine publications.  He used to edit depressing documentaries about homicide victims, but now works cheerfully in a bakery making donuts.  Find him at or on Twitter @CKuriata.


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