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Jun 3, 2021

Under Our Skin by Owen Leddy. Narrated by Rebecca Lee. Hosted by J.S. Arquin. #Scifi #bodyhorror #cyborg #power


Mei is staring off toward the horizon, and I follow her gaze. From our vantage point in the Berkeley hills, we can see out across the bay to San Francisco. Out by Mission Bay, the prismatic glass corpmind towers loom – shards of pure, crystallized capital. As I stare at them, I know the liquid-helium-bathed quantum computer minds inside are staring back at me through ten million eyes – surveillance cameras, microdrones, satellites, DNA samplers, and god knows what else. Still, it’s hard to feel afraid with Mei lounging in the sun next to me, sipping a home-brewed beer and smiling her ferocious rebel smile.



Owen Leddy is a writer and biological engineering graduate student living in Cambridge, MA. Their short fiction has previously appeared or is forthcoming in Fusion Fragment, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Printers Row Journal, Electric Spec, SERIAL Magazine, and the anthology Triangulation: Extinction.


Rebecca Lee grew up in the Seattle area, but has spent much of her adult life performing and working abroad. She has lived in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, New York State, the American South, and the Caribbean. She holds B.A. degrees in Drama and Music from the University of Washington, and is an alumnus of the improv acting program at IO West. She has narrated numerous audiobooks available on Audible, and works out of her home studio in Seattle. Find her at and on Twitter @beckcentric. 


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