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Jun 28, 2021

A Shiver on the Web by Kai Hudson. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. 



“You wish to become a priestess?”

Cara almost sneered. Wish wasn’t quite the term she would use. “Father said it’s the only way. With Mother gone and my brothers off to the war, my sisters need food. Clergy get extra rations during wartime, and I’m the oldest, so...”

She didn’t bother to finish. The weaver smiled again, something mischievous in the curve of her lip. “But that is not what you want.”

Cara released a bitter sigh. “What I want doesn’t matter,” she said. “Father told me to go, so here I am.”


Kai Hudson lives in sunny California where she writes, hikes, and rock-climbs with enthusiasm if not skill. Her work has appeared in Clarkesworld, PseudoPod, PodCastle, Interzone, and other fine places. Find her at


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