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Oct 20, 2021

Marry the Rat by L.M. Zaerr. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. #fantasy #magic #rats #love


The second steward climbed a white ladder and blew powder from his palm onto the clock. He was a monochrome person in a lavender livery and a frothy wig. I knew only that he suffered from bunions.

“What is that powder?” I asked.

“I won’t marry the rat!”

“That’s no reason to poison her.” I knew the rat casually, and she seemed kind, in that haughty way of rats.

“You can’t make me marry her. You’re the librarian, not the king.”

“Fine. But you can’t blow handfuls of rat poison at her. I’ll call the palace guard.”



For decades, LM Zaerr lured students into medieval stories and abandoned them there to challenge dragons, rescue Lancelot, and figure out how to play gwyddbwyll. She wrote a book on medieval storytelling, and she memorized forgotten tales in dusty languages and sang them to the raucous tones of the vielle. Now she finds new stories dripping with sunshine and sword polish. 


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