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Oct 31, 2021

Grief by K.G. Anderson. Narrated by Rebecca Stern. Hosted by J.S. Arquin.  #scifi #aliens #grief #therapy

“Out of the question.” I drew back from the speakerphone on my mahogany desk, shaking my head, relieved that Kathleen Wilson couldn’t see my reaction to her request. Kathleen was a former client, a close friend—and the director of the Extraplanetary Relations Council in Washington D.C.

“Please, Moira! The exopsychologists here at the Council want to study the ambassador, not help zhirm. Please—anything you can do."

I closed my eyes, opened them again, and looked across the room to the green leather armchair where my clients usually sat. I was trying to imagine an alien in that chair and failing utterly.


K.G. Anderson is a Seattle-based journalist and a late-blooming science fiction writer. She grew up in the Washington, D.C. area where her family worked in early rocketry, technology, and space programs. K.G. holds degrees in psychology and journalism. Her recent fiction appears in magazines, anthologies, and podcasts such as Galaxy’s Edge, More Alternative Truths, and The Overcast. Find her at and on Twitter: @writerway.


Rebecca Stern has a voice that has been described as expressive, articulate, song-like, and evocative of warm bourbon and milk…if you like that kind of thing.  Her forty plus years as a professional violinist has instilled in her a deep appreciation for music of all kinds, including the music of language.  She loves nothing more than exploring the rhythm and flow of a script…from short narrations and poetry to novels…and sharing that with the listener. Find out more at and on Twitter: @verysternword.

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