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Dec 29, 2021

Winter's Flowers by K.T. Wagner. Narrated by J.S. Arquin. #fantasy #magic #winter #snowqueen


The late September sun warms Gerda’s arthritic knees while sparrows chirp from the roof. Her knitting needles slide and click, keeping rhythm with the squeak of her rocking chair against the porch floor. Across each row, she knits in the present, then purls back in her memories.

She learned to purl after Nan died. Every day since, Gerda remembers Kay.

Today, her daydream is about their childhood garden in the garrets and gutters of a faraway town.

Her hands turn the row, and the sweet scent of fall roses wafts by.

She brings the yarn to the front, and remembers the roses of her childhood. They flourished in wooden rooftop boxes.

“We’re happier here, planted in the ground,” the present-day roses sing when she knits a row.

Gerda lives on the other side of the world from where she lost Kay so long ago. Now she knits her memories of the boy she loved into every garment she makes. The elaborate lace patterns had been impossible in garter stitch. They require the memory purls.

Initially, the memory of grief drowned her, but she now knows Kay’s still alive. The flowers told her.


Surrounded by gnomes, gargoyles and poisonous plants, KT Wagner writes Gothic horror and op/ed pieces in the garden of her British Columbia home. She enjoys day-dreaming and is a collector of strange plants, weird trivia and obscure tomes. KT organizes writer events and works to create literary community. A number of her short stories are published in magazines and anthologies. She’s currently working on a novel. KT can be found online at and on Twitter @KT_Wagner.